Providing Scholarships to Encourage College Students to Apply to Dental School

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Our Mission

To Encourage Young Men & Women to Enter the Field of Dentistry.

Dentistry is a fantastic profession. It is a beautiful blend of art and science so if you are creative, artistic and/or good with your hand/eye coordination, along with being strong in your scientific analytic skills, then this a great vocational choice for you. Helping people while you make a living at that couldn’t get better. With the increasing amount of practice interference in medicine from government and insurance companies, it’s no better time to choose dentistry within the medical fields. Although we are not completely immune to these forces, we enjoy much more independence than our medical comrades.

The well researched link between your oral health and systemic health has received incredible media attention and the public at large are taking this seriously and taking better care of their dental health which bodes well for the profession in the foreseeable future. The explosion of technological advances in dentistry continue to make dentistry more appealing as we continually improve our offerings of care, making it easier for both the patient and doctor alike. In order to become and stay a leading practitioner, you must dedicate yourself to lifelong learning with continuing education which is stimulating and rewarding.

Dr. Michael Krochak began his general and cosmetic dental practice and The Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York in 1984.

Committed to staying at the forefront of superior general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Krochak continually takes advanced education courses. He is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, an organization dedicated to continuing education for better patient care, as well as a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In 2018 and 2019 he was named one of America’s top dentists in addition to an award in 2019 as one of NY's top dentists.

Dr. Krochak received his medical training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, graduating cum laude, and holds a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Krochak has also had extensive postgraduate training in periodontics, implant dentistry and Invisalign® Orthodontics.

As a former Assistant Clinical Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the former director of the Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Phobia Clinic, Dr. Krochak is sought after as a media spokesperson and as a lecturer by educational and professional organizations. He has been featured on WCBS News Radio, Fox 5's "Good Day New York" and NBC's "Today Show" among others. Just some of the numerous publications that have interviewed Dr. Krochak are the Daily NewsNewsdayNew York PostThe Boston GlobeEsquireAmerican HealthElle and Vogue.

Dr. Michael Krochak is happy to report that after 37 years of practicing dentistry, he still enjoys it each day and wants to encourage students like yourself to enter this great profession.

Dr. Michael Krochak established our scholarship in May of 2019. He has been practicing General Dentistry since 1984.

Dr. Michael Krochak established our scholarship in May of 2019. He has been practicing General Dentistry since 1984.


Our first scholorship will be awarded in March of 2020. Submit your application to qualify


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